NOVEMBER 2, 2021 Elections 
In Chatham

Chatham Township & Chatham Borough each have separate municipal governments.
Chatham Township Committee 2021 Election
Mark Lois for Chatham Township Committee

Mark Lois, a small business owner, has lived in Chatham for 11 years with his wife and is a lifelong resident of New Jersey. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Both of Mark’s sons attend Chatham Township public schools.  

Mark produced outstanding results for the Township as a volunteer on the Colony Pool Committee. In 2021, he became the Chairman of the Committee and worked tirelessly with other volunteers, the Township’s municipal government, and pool management.  Under his leadership, membership at the pool nearly doubled and revenue almost tripled.  Community participation and the pool’s financial results have never been better for members and taxpayers alike.  

“I am so honored to accept the nomination to be the Republican candidate for Chatham Township Committee. Chatham Township’s character is worth preserving.  It is an incredible place and home to truly exceptional people,” said Lois.  

Lois said that the 20% tax increase of the past two years of Democratic control of the Township Committee is unsustainable.  “We need to return to the efficient use of funds that has distinguished Chatham Township in the past, and is a hallmark of its character.” 

“In my volunteer capacity, I have had success with Township resources as a result of creative problem solving and resident collaboration.”  said Lois. “Quality of life improvements for Chatham Township residents shouldn’t take a lifetime or cost more than we are currently spending.  We can do more with our present resources.”

Chatham Borough Council 2021 Election
Freddie Bicknese for Chatham Borough Council

Freddie Bicknese is an experienced attorney running for Council in Chatham Borough.  His commercial and financial legal background is specialized in securities fraud, insurance coverage, commercial disputes, and intellectual property.  Freddie is a Rutgers and Temple Law School graduate and has worked in both large Wall Street firms and smaller boutique law practices.

Freddie married his wife June, a naturalized American citizen who immigrated from Korea over 20 years ago and the couple lived in nearby Summit.  In 2010, the couple moved to their home in Chatham Borough and now they have two children in the School District of the Chathams.

Freddie is a moderate Republican concerned about fiscal responsibility and finding common understanding in practical solutions to our local issues.  He is currently an elected member of the Morris County Republican Committee and previously elected as a Board member of his Homeowner's Association.  He is opposed to the national wedge issues clouding local government, opposed to wasteful excess spending and opposed to increasing tax rates.

Balance is needed in Chatham Borough which currently has an all Democratic government with no counter balancing voice.  All 7 council members are Democrats and there are zero Republicans.  A minority opinion will allow the remainder of the council to hear a counter position that can improve the outcome for current residents and ensure a sensible future for our town.  Freddie will put his legal background and dispute resolution skills to work to argue for controlled budgets, proper development planning and unwavering support of law enforcement.  Moderate, centrist and fair minded, Freddie Bicknese will bring balance back to Chatham Borough.

Jack Ciattarelli 
for Govenor

“It’s time for common sense.
It’s time to solve our problems.
It’s time to build the New Jersey we deserve.”

Chatham Borough Legislative District 21

Jon Bramnick

NJ Senate

Nancy Muñoz

NJ Assembly

Michele Matsikoudis

NJ Assembly

Chatham Township Legislative District 27

Adam Kraemer

NJ Senate

Jonathan Sym

NJ Assembly

Kevin Ryan

NJ Assembly

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