2024 Elections In Chatham, NJ

Will You Allow This Imbalance?

The Chathams have never had a 12-0 Democrat control of all elected positions. One out of five Chatham Township Committee seats are up for election in 2024 while all other seats are held by Democrats. Measured local governance is at risk this year.
Don't let the Democrats get to 12-0. Rally with other local Republicans and connect with us.  Get involved and donate to the only local Republican running for office.  Mark Lois is the last elected Republican in the Chathams and needs your support in his re-election effort.
Mark Lois is the only Republican elected official in The Chathams.  He is running for re-election in 2024.

Chatham Township Committee

TWO Candidates For 2024

Chatham Borough Council

There are two Republican Candidates in Chatham Borough for 2024, April Kabbash & Joe Barrette. 

Connect with us if you are interested in Republican representation in Chatham Boro.

Register To Vote & Register Republican

Many elections come down to just a few votes.  Make sure you are registered and that your information is up to date on the voter rolls.  Make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted!

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