NOVEMBER 8, 2022 Elections In Chatham

Win as a Republican!

We have the tools and the team to support you right now. Reach out to us today, we have answers.  

Take responsibility for your community and bring a balance of voices and control over development.

We won last year in the Township, this is another Republican year!  Voters are rejecting the failed policies of the Democrats.    Reach out to us.  

Chatham Township

2 Seats on Township Committee
Join the Republican Majority on the Committee.

Chatham Borough

2 Seats on Borough Council
Don't turn down the chance to give Republicans a voice on the Town council.  

Tayfun Selen for Congress CD11

Morris County Commissioners

Doug Cabana

Morris County Commissioner
25 year Incumbent

Sarah Neibert

Christine Meyers

Register To Vote & Register Republican

Many elections come down to just a few votes.  Make sure you are registered and that your information is up to date on the voter rolls.  Make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted!

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